needs almost no introduction this place, but maybe a little bit.  it was born on the net in 2002, fathered by simon cornwell, and his smashed severalls tour was for sure the reason i first smelled the desire to visit this place.

when we got there, it was everything i hoped it would be.  we went seven times in the end [old tours will be on the archive], but one visit was not a tour, since we turned up and the place was crawling with fire hoses.  looking from outside the perimeter we saw it was the hall, and we went away very sad for the rest of the afternoon.

it *used* to have a gorgeous pink hall, all the wards more or less intact, the assistant medical officer’s house at the southern tip was full of stuff, and it had immense machinery in the boiler rooms at the base of the tower.  those are all either arsoned or cleared out now.

i can’t bring myself to go there now it doesn’t have an engineering department, so this was the last tour.  tidying up loose ends, it’s the two southern villas and a bit of insides and tunnelling.  oh!  and the boilers!  😛

start here, or sections below:

severalls A – enter metalness
severalls B – hall
severalls C – hall sub
severalls D – villa a
severalls E – greyness
severalls F – bay
severalls G – walkabout
severalls H – back to main
severalls I – south
severalls J – burnt ward
severalls K – boilers
severalls L – out


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